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The Menagerie

by Zac Kuzmanov

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A collection of DIY tracks recorded between 2002 and 2008.

Fun fact: Some of these songs were recorded shortly after Zac's ALS diagnosis. He used to gaffer tape a bank card to his right hand as he could no longer hold a guitar pick.


released April 27, 2019


all rights reserved



Zac Kuzmanov Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Zac Kuzmanov (Здраво Гулов) is best known as the front man in Ultra Grand Supreme, the bass and guitar player in Jim Jones' Black Moses and for his latest project with singer/song writer Mel Garside, Moontwin. Zac is also the founder of XRaydio.net

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Track Name: Party Alone
Party Alone

I've been gone, been around, I've been living it up
Kissed it good night, pissed it all up
Walked down the street, high on no hope
Tore it all down, give us the rope

Rolled in the gutter, binged on my luck
Missed all the boats, set all the traps
All of my bridges, turned into dust
Fucked my shit up, i'd had enough

there's nothing to lose and nothing to gain mothafucker
since it's all gone down the drain you might as well just
party on

I gotta be alone
I'm fine, fine on my own
Track Name: Alimony

The worlds a cunt but you make your own luck
And you can bitch all you want, up to you, it's your own life
But then nothing will change if you don't do the jump, yeah
Nothing will move if you don't set your head right

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy my son

You better be conscious, you better be straight
Gotta have eyes on the back of your head
It's all the tricks of your mind that need excuses like fate
Don't let them rule your life, they're gonna leave you for dead

Live it to full don't just let shit slide
Give it all you got don't fear the crowd
See it all through, don't cheat, don't lie
Gotta get it done, boy, there's no time
Track Name: Dawn Of Regret
The Dawn of Regret

I was sitting in a bar on a stool in a town I didn't recognize
Whiskey in my glass, cobwebs in my eyes
The night had gone up in smoke and booze and debt and sweat
The glass in my hand hard to remember but bill for a regret

I'm built for regret, I'm built for regret

I ran fingers through the hair I never should have cut
My face in the mirror turning a whiter shade of shut
The boys outside were waiting
Sucking on some stubs that burned red
Back in the car and a ride
Towards the dawn of regret
Towards the dawn of regret

The Dawn of Regret
The sun was breaking on the back of the night
my tongue tasted of beer, great fear and spite
The smoke in the car kept us hidden from the day
We drove towards the sun
Towards the dawn of a bed

The dawn of regret
Track Name: Ready To Go
Ready To Go

Push down, we wanna get closer
Fire up, but try to look smarter
Don't go, go on a downer
Watch out, watch out
There's a corner

That's it
We got it now baby
That's it
Now I'm ready to go
I'm now ready to roll

Stand tall, but please don't rush it
Chin up, but don't ya push it
Drink up, but don't get foolish
Cheer up, but don't ya get stupid

Cause I know you'll be fine
All you need is some time
Don't go fast don't go slow
Don't get low

I'm now ready to go
I'm now ready to roll
Track Name: Revelation

God damn illusions
Keep you so stuck in the rut
God damn delusions
Coming out of your whiskey glass

The morning shame
The made up fame
Your schizo world is getting obscene
God damn illusions
Keep in you from living for real

When you could get to

Say and mean
No guilt, no apologies
Love for real
God damn, you know what I mean
You've got to
You've got be a real man

Stop thinking bout the way you are
Or what kinda life you deserve
Stop digging around
Trying to find a downer curve
Self pity, self delusion
God you're not a machine
God damn confusions
Keep in you from living for real

When you could get to

Say and mean
No guilt, no apologies
Love for real
God damn, you know you need a

Revelation yeah
Creation yeah
Stop subscribing to frustration
It's just a drunk reverberation
You know you need a small vacation
From self flagellation
It's just a fucked up combination
The booze and self deprecation

Track Name: Bloomer 101
Going down to the city lights
The wind in your hair
You keep glowing after dark
You know It's not fair

You're gonna hit the town
Make it all fine
Grab a ride across the line
Hit it hard
Hit it fast
It ain't much much but it's gonna last

Forever, you've got forever
You've got me forever

All the kicks, all the sleepless nights
A century on a bender
All the noise, all the one night stands
that you can sort of remember

And then the time comes when you gotta run and take a plunge into the deep end of it all
The streets smell strangely familiar as you take a stroll down towards the beginning of your end

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